So….dah di narita airport…

Took the earliest bus from Hon Atsugi (5:10 am).
Arrived around 6:45.
Changed my clothes and shoes,rearrange the stuff in my luggage a little n now i m waiting to check in.

Narita was crowded…more than it usually is.
What bug me is how some airlines let their passenger form a really2 long line till it blocked our way.

What happened yesterday will forever carved into my mind n heart. It just proved to me how depressed i actually am when in that situation. The physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional pain i felt.

I know i am feisty n i know i m provocative when provoked. But the fact that i m the only one blamed is ultimately unfair to me.

Anyway…i m coming home. Gonna enter the ‘rat-race’…maybe into the world of dating again.

I m happy and relieved. Letting go wont be easy. Losing something/someone is painful.

Though i believe i’ve learned a lot, i also realized that there is a lot more i didnt know.

So this is my goodbye post….

Welcome home dear….

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