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Day 6 after the mega quake

Though we do get tremors from time to time, our main concern however is the nuclear radiation from one of japan many nuclear reactor. The reactor in fukushima crack a little during the mega quake n a little bit more during the following tremors…

But if u asked me frankly, i am not even sure how worried i m. I am only reminded by the dangerous situation when i talk to my parents. The worry in their voice drive my to crazy-guilt. I cant lie to them n tell them everything is ok, cuz nothing is. But i cant simply agree with them or they will be worried even more.

But over all i m fine. How can i not be? There are others suffering more and its within my reach…

“The elderly at the evacuation center has reached their physical limit! It is cold, lack of food and clean water.”

“Moms give their share of food to their child at the evacuation center”

“Most of the evacuees havent change their clothes since that day and it has been a week”

“1 blanket per 3 person.”

“2 heater for 300 evacuees.”

“They have to pull back the workers at the nuclear reactor cuz the radiation is too high above the safety level”

“I watched my wife and my kids being swept away in front of my eyes. I have never felt so hopeless.”

“I havent seen my dad since that mega quake. I’ve searched at almost every rescue center. Today I am going to where they place the unindentified bodies.”

“I’ve lost 20 family members and friends in the tsunami and i havent found any of them…yet”

….its heartbreaking…and still we are complaining?!

Stop and think…how ungrateful we are? We say thank you Allah but seconds later we mengeluh at simple2 things…

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