The aftershock..

….so after that i stayed in the train…

Still tweeting….from time to time…most of us were still trying to contact our love ones….some manage to get through…some didnt…as for me, fb n twitter is the only option

I waited in the train till almost 6…the earthquake happened around 3.15pm ….i didnt even realized how fast time flew…

There were no more tremors as we waited(or maybe i was too shaken to realized…iskk)….people started to calm down…i bought myself a bottle of water at the nearby vending machine…then i stepped back into the train n took a seat…i took out my diary,took off my shoes,put my feet up(i dont care anymore…this one makcik just smile seeing me and start to do the same since the seats beside us are empty) and then i started writing…a lady in front of me was reading her novel…makcik2 at the further end of the coach started to chat and smile and laugh…a serious looking guy,in suit, try to doze-off…another woman tried to entertain a primary school girl..they chat n sang songs (i m sure they were strangers to each other…n i was right,later the girl’s mother came and thanked the woman for entertaining her child)…the rest has left the train..

.but since the darkness is settling in,so does the low temperature….i started to get restless again…thinking should i wait till the train move or should i walk instead…i had no idea where i am..let alone to walk to my friend’s place, that’s about 4 station away!…i can use google map on my phone but my phone battery is running out…bottom line is, i m quite desperate…my mind spinning fast…trying what to do…should i stay? Should i wait? I didnt have anybody to rely to…all of my friends are far…what can they do? ….i stay calm n smile at the same makcik that smile at me before…she smile back n i feel better…. 🙂

Suddenly i saw a familiar face walking towards me… .he is a friend of a friend! He was looking for me from coach to friend told him that i was in the train near to his office (luckily) n without any second thoughts, he came to look for me…all my friend did was asked him if i can wait in his office till the train move…he didnt answer her,but came to look for me instead! ….i was really lucky…really lucky! Really really lucky! And blessed….

We decided to leave the train n as i was walking towards the train station exit, i felt like time has come to a stop. People standing and waiting and fiddling with their phone…perhaps trying to find a way to go back home…..)

(I learned later that u can get a free bus ticket to your selected destination should u need one..its the courtesy of the train company)

At last that friend send me home by car…by then, there were traffic jam everywhere…on the way, one of the road actually cracked and water were leaking out from the manhole…and at the same time i was watching the news on the tv (the car has a small monitor either for tv or navigation)..they were showing the earthquake n the tsunami….it happened at a place about 5 to 6 hours drive from where i m right now! ………

So that night i stayed with a friend…both of us are obviously traumatized but try to act like nothing happened. We get worried about friends that were stuck in a train or in train station…making phone calls to our family n friends, ensuring them we are safe….tweeting n fb again….texting those nearby,asking if they r ok…watching the news on tv..being on alert all the time…from time to time the earth shakes…some mild enough till we didnt realized…some too strong till we start panicking a little…but no matter how small or how big the quake is, each time i noticed it, my heart skip a beat….

I cant remember what time did i fall asleep that night…all i know i spend the entire time praying n tweeting n fb n calling my family….

But alhamdulillah…i am safe….

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