Japan worst earthquake in… ?

I am alone riding the train
Going back to hadano city from gyotoku
It was a lovely friday early noon
I left gyotoku around 2 something
Since it was not a peak hour,the train coach was empty unless for me n about 6 or 7 other people

We were stopping at kasai station when the train started to shake(?)
At first nobody really notice it
Then it somehow get stronger, but still we manage to ignore it (cuz earthquake happens almost on monthly or maybe weekly basis…so a quake for five seconds is really nothing to us…)
I remember glancing outside of the train window…and look at the train stopping next to us…somehow there is something weird about the train…it wasnt moving but somehow its not tak bergerak
Thats when i realized that the train is actually shaking left n right…there are times when the train tire(?) actually in the air…about an inch or two above rail…
But still my numb mind couldnt make up what is happening…
I turn my eyes into the train i m in…
Then the shake become really unbearable and people start to look at each other
Panic in our eyes
We reach for anything to hold on to
even sitting down i feel like falling off the seat..
A guy almost drop to his knees cuz its shaking to left n right violently
An old lady on the platform outside the train actually hold on to a tiang …on the platform…she was holding on to the tiang for her dear life…
A guy lean himself to the nearest vending machine on the platform
Suddenly a station staff came n order all of us to stay inside the train
The old lady just now unable to move…its like she is scared of letting go of the tiang cuz she know if she did,she will fall flat
Imagine standing on a floor that is shaking left and right
This happen for about 30 seconds….the longest 30 seconds of my life…

Suddenly it stop
We look at each other
Relief in our eyes
We started to make phonecall…but none came through
Some started to watch the news on their mobile phones
Some just try to breath and close their eyes
N me, trying to call my friends..and texting them…

Just when we started to calm ourselves…came the 2nd quake…its almost as strong,if not stronger than the first one
Once again we look at each other
N panic in our eyes
But nobody ran
Nobody scream
Nobody say or do anything except trying to balance themself n hold on to something
I realized this is not ‘just another earthquake’
Quickly i take out my cash,my japanese ic, my malaysian ic n my malaysian driving license n slip in into the pocket of my pants…
Once the quake stop, there is silent….deathly silent…everybody just stay really quiet n mind their own bussiness
I m still fiddling with my phone
Turning to twitter n fb instead
Learning that my friends who are so many miles away can also feel the quake
Another station staff came
Checking the location of the fire extinguisher in each train coach
Anouncement was made again n again about the earthquake
We can hear police/fireman/ambulance siren from the street below the railway
We can hear helicopters flying above us

The aftershock also happened so many times…each time i almost cried…i m alone n so scared
Tweeting excessively…i find some comfort there… 🙂

….(to be continue in the next post….)… 😉

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