Lama x rambling

1. My thesis presentation alhamdulillah went on smoothly…except for the fact that the layout in one of my slide went a bit ‘berselerak’…i m too nervous to use the edited one….panjang critanya…so dats it…it went on smoothly…1 of the sensei did question my research! S if i didnt do good enough… he is right…cudve done better. He actually said,’ this is your best result?!’ In a joking but serious but joking manner…so i smile n said yes n sorry in a giggling but serious but giggling manner… :p

I actually thought that my voice r too loud during presentation! N no! Its not good if its too loud! It can b a bit irritating..n no..its not my high pitch voice…its just loud..huhu…but i tone it down n i hope none of them found my voice is irritatingly loud!

2. I’ve watched ‘Red’! So freaking awesome! I truly enjoyed the movie…was laughing n touched at the same time. Just enough amount of good time i needed.

3. When i was at a coffee shop, a lady sat beside me. She was nicely dress,in a sophisticated way….sophisticated lady…till she huff n puff (smoking!) right next to me. I was furious! Not only because she is smoking while seating so close to me, but also because she is a ‘she’! Enough said.

4. Missing someone terribly…i have so much feelings sometimes…and from time to time i wud miss one (or all) of my friends….n i kinda disliking it….its sad to miss someone so terribly…huhu…cpatla masa berlalu…

5. But in the same time, its kinda scary how time flew. I’ve been here for two years! N now its time to pack up n leave. I grow up here. I hope i would leave my naiveness here n come home with a clearer perspective on everything

6. Be happy! 🙂 smile at urself n be happy. Be grateful for everything that had happened to you.

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