Not so private eh?

So a friend of mine…a close friend of mine ( :p)..recently visited my blog and that friend said that apparently I was not that private of a person.

It got me thinking and I asked myself, did I expose myself too much here? It worries me…

Gladly that friend told me, it’s ok if I am comfortable with it…

Oh well…I am comfortable with it.

Most of the time when I shared my feelings and thought not just because I love to read my own post in the future (omaiiii…..self-narcissistic alert! hahaha)…but it is because I hope in I am helping others in one way or another

I’ve realized that the more open I am about life, the more certain I am that I am not the only one who is facing the problem, I am not the only one.

Of course this is by keeping in mind that I am keeping my true identity a secret….just a handful of people truly know who is the writer behind this rambling-blog-post…and luckily those are my friends and they are always welcome to give me feedback online as much as they did in real life.

and of course I make it real sure that i do not hummiliate anyone here purposely…so if i did…i am sorry…tell me which post and if its relevant…i would immediately remove it

(prasan! macamla ramai reader kan! :p)

Oh well…maybe it’s time to move my blog again….cuz I do need to keep my identity a secret! 😉

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