Gentle-romantic guy

They do exist but they are so rare…

Guys keep on telling me that that type of male did not exist!

N i would tell them, ‘they do exist! i’ll change a gay guy if i have too!’

I still want to believe that chivalry still exist (not only when the guy is courting the girl, but exist forever,cuz its simply something in dat guy n he cant help it)

I wanna believe that if guys want us girls to be a Lady, then they have to be a Gentleman

N no i m not looking for perfections…i m looking for someone who can respect a lady…someone who know a real woman when he sees her…

…n i agree…perhaps the real reason i havent found my very own gentleman is because i am yet to be a real lady… n no, i dont expect to be treated like a spoilt-princess…cuz i m not spoilt, nor i m ( unfortunately… :p) a princess….

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