Kahwin komfem bahagia?…tak semestinya sayang….

There’s a friend of mine….whom I believe a very well-read person…told me about a study he read online.

In that study, it is discovered that an unhappy person would not be a happy person even after he/she get married (unless he/she get to the bottom of the reason why he/she is so unhappy in the first place).

Normally they would get all hyped up from the wedding preparation, then the wedding ceremony itself and later on the honeymoon. Once all of these are over, and they start to settle down in their normal-married life, the unhappiness would settle back as well.

What I am trying to imply is, if you expect marriage to make you happy, DON’T!

If you are so unhappy, study the cause of your unhappiness. Is it your attitude? Is it because of your body-weight? Is it because of communication-failure in your relationship with your partner?

Fix it! Then be happy… 😉 Get married and wish it will bring you more happiness… if you go back being unhappy, repeat the step mention above..

But if you are a happy person, and you wish the marriage would bring you more happiness, then DO SO!

Apart from the responsibility, and lost of some of your personal space (in my case it is a big deal! :p)…marriage is actually a heavenly-bliss that Allah has granted us. Waking up beside the person we love every morning…coming home to the person we love….watching our own child growing up…having someone to hug you when you need a hug the most….kan bahagia?

(macam ada pengalaman ek? Haha…..Movie ok Movie! :p )

So people….never ever expect others to make you happy when you yourself didn’t try anything…they can help us, they can hold our hands toward happiness, but if we are so unhappy, how can we even realize that we are moving toward happiness?

Rambling fiela…haha…

Be happy people….be happy…..be grateful of what you have and always learn what makes you unhappy and fix it.

Once you are happy, spread the happiness (dengan niat nak org happy jugak..and bukan sebab nak show off!) and you will get that satisfaction… insya Allah

Spread the happiness mcm nie….

3 thoughts on “Kahwin komfem bahagia?…tak semestinya sayang….

  1. it takes two to tango dear..been there done that..marrriage is easy if both of u understand the purpose of it.. but if ur spouse tak nak commit and save the marriage..well what to do…happiness doesn't come from marriage je 🙂 good luck!

  2. ..annie….glad pandangan kmk dipersetujui oleh org yg lebih berpengalaman…memula doubtful juak… hehe

    cik terataimelur…awak sape….comelnye gna nama terataimelur…hehe….
    n yup….ada banyak cara lain utk kita bahagia…marriage pulak bukanlah demi kebahagiaan semata2… 😉

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