…i started writing diary since i was a teenager….

…but i don’t keep them…after some years, i burnt them…i think it is safer that way…i burnt them after that phase in my life is over…eg i burnt my school-life diary once i entered university… 🙂
…i love writing diary cuz it keeps myself in perspective…i used to read my diary entry again n again ..that way i can see myself from different view at different mood…
…i thought that was call narcissistic…but someone corrected me…it was called self-review…
..i m glad cuz self-review is actually a good way to learn about yourself…i think it is partly muhasabah diri…and i remembered someone told me, it is best if before we go to sleep each night, we spent few minutes to think back what had we done earlier in the day…and plan to be better tomorrow….
…i quit writing not so long ago cuz i was convinced by someone that i am actually writing diary so that i can remember all the negative things in my life…(cant believed someone can actually convinced me that way although nobody ever read my entry)…
anyway…the bottom line is, i always think keeping a diary is one of the best way to learn about yourself….reread your entry a month or a year after you wrote them…by then you would probably laugh at yourself for being mad at the tiniest thing or mad cuz u take things for granted and such and you will surely try to improve yourself even in the smallest area…u read,think and learn
the only downside is if someone ever read it and misunderstand your writing…so please please please keep your diary at the most safest place and please please please never ever read someone else’s diary…even your wife’s or your husband’s…that is what we call respecting each others’ privacy
and of course…it is better writing our most personal matter in a diary rather than posting it online….hehehe…i m also included in this craziness posting almost everything online! lets stop today! 😉
and start writing a diary instead
it helps to improve your writing as well
ngeh ngeh ngeh…. :p

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