My fickle mind

Smalam tutup blog sbb takut ada post2 yg 18SG.

12hours later i change my mind n open my blog balik


Sorry la kengkawan yg dah bg email add

P email add korg sy dah simpan….for future reference.


My life is good

He said, ‘there is nothing i cant do’

She said,’ala….u finish ur work, pastu kita g berjoli’


N i said

‘U can do this fiela. Girllllll power!’

Hehe…..i know…mesti korang rasa nak muntah kan? Just tryin to be my own cheerleader… towards the finishing line 😉

So girls…who needs _______________ in their life?Kan?

Kalo ader its a blessing…kalo x….u can still live…. 😉

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