1st Issue
– there is a new zodiac sign? ophiuchus ..meaning all of our zodiac sign has been wrong all along! meaning i m not a leo! I’m a cancer! xsukeeeeee…….iskkkk……as a muslim, its nothing for me…i just like saying ‘i’m a leo’…huhuhu….
2nd Issue
– Free thinker n ‘It Gets Better in Malaysia’….i really wish Malaysian, especially Muslim realized that this is not a humanitarian is actually a movement to ‘memesong akidah’. Saya sangat menyokong humanitarian act…cthnya menutup pusat tahanan Guatemala atau menutup ‘puppy-mills’ yang melanggar kod2 menternak anjing (mcm yg ditunjuk dalam oprah)…but as a muslim, ada limitnya. Satu je advice, kembali lah kepada ajaran-Nya…dan janganlah mengaji sensorang…sebab dari mengaji sensoranglah akidah kita mudah terpesong, sebaliknya mengaji bersama teman2 lain yang lebih tahu…
3rd Issue
– Meminjam dan dipinjamkan…i’ve been tortured by this for a while now. i cant let it go cuz it involves quite a fortune. Tiap kali remind…tiap kali kna marah….sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
4th Issue
-i have issues in my life that people close to me knows far too well. What bugs me so much is when these people started to talk to others about ME! People…i stay low-profile cuz i love my privacy…if i want sensation and scandal that attracts attention from people i barely knew, i could’ve do it myself! Do Not Trouble Yourself Talking To Others About Me! cuz that just make you very untrustworthy! n no. i m not imagining this. i know about this far too well but i m trying to let it go…just don’t do it ever again. thank you.
_the end_

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