…so i m going snowboarding again…..tonite….at midnight…

i m so not planning to go cuz 1stly i dont wanna snowboard ever again….2ndly cuz it cost me quite a fortune since its a 4days trip…and i m not even gonna snowboard….
so why meh i decided to go?
no la…of course i m not forced to go…
suka hati i la nak pegi ke tidak
haha…i m rambling
oh well…truth is i have my own plans tomorrow…sweet paradise again n my sweet friend gonna bring me jalan2 somewhere…x igt nm tempat tu…eon lake house…or something like dat…
i hate it when people cancel the plan last minute
but now i am doing it
so i m hating myself for doing so
sorry kak… 🙁
you know why i go right?
i wish i m more persistent…but i m not…i have such a soft spot for you-know-who and i kinda disliking it..isk…
what to do?
i’m a girl…
just wanna make you-know-who happy
its like my new year gift to you-know-who
so i will try to have fun
although i’ll be a bit sengkek after this
oohh….i prepare some bekal for our journey as well
this time i prepare ‘chicken croquette’ (AGAIN)…and cek mek molek
although some of my cek mek leaking its gula this time
and it kinda pisses me off
maybe cuz i didnt put enough flour
so the cek mek xmo melekat
and the sugar just leaking out as i was frying it
aiya….so geram one
haha….why m i talking like this?
ooohhh…n i also boiled some chick-peas
n it accidentally become a bit salty
the salt-angel pour tooo much salt in it
so i ended up rinsing the boiled peas 3 time
and hope others didnt find it as salty as i did
it is still edible of course
it is fair to say that my cooking gone a bit awry today
now i need to go n buy eggs n breadcrumbs….
i have yet to fry my chicken croquette
n i have no ingredients for the coating
thats all people
just wanna waste ur time
as well as wasting mine
have a great life
and stop provoking others! especially me and my friends…it is so not nice

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