Chicken croquette

Minced chicken

Mashed boiled potato (the ratio of chicken:potato is 2:3)

Onion diced


Black pepper


Cooking Oil

Stir fry (tumis) onion in butter
Add minced-chicken
Add salt n black pepper to taste
Make sure the chicken is fully cooked n dry

Then mix the chicken with mashed potato forming the ‘dough’

mashed potato + cooked fried minced chicken
Left it to cool a little (till u can shape them)
Divide n shape the dough into balls in desired size

shape the dough into desired size
Prepare to deep-fry the chicken-balls

Before that, dip the balls in whisk egg…then roll it in bread crumbs…repeat this step twice

Then deep-fry till its golden brown…use medium heat….

Serve Hot! šŸ˜‰

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