My sweet dream

which ends with a nightmare….

I rarely had any dreams….or perhaps i did but rarely remembered them once i woke up. However, some of my dreams are so crazy….it carved in my head forever.

Earlier this week, i had a dream….in the dream, initially, i was so happy. I met my family and friends…we hang out together and smile and laugh all the way….

Then we met a stranger, at first he was nice and fun to be with…until he met his other friend…they started to argue about something (which i cant remember)…and start fighting. The stranger took out a long pointed sharp scissor (you know the one that our mum use to cut thread when they are sewing? The one that is shiny-stainless-steel the whole body….that’s the one.)
Somehow i was there to watch the fight.
At first, the stranger tried to stab his friend, but failed. Then out of sudden, the stranger turn to me and stare me in the eye. In a split second he plunged the pointed scissor to my face. It goes straight into my mouth, through my tongue then my throat.
I fell and my back was against the wall. I was waiting for the pain to come….but i never felt it. I can taste the blood in my mouth then i black-out.
When i passed-out, i recalled seeing my mum smilling at me…then my dad then my sisters and brothers…one by one they smile at me…as if saying goodbye….then it all goes pitch black n i know i was dead…..

…in the dream….

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