I Love Shidax!

Stop Tweeting!

To stop myself tweeting excessively…I decided to post a blog instead.

Last night was fun…we went to Karaoke all night…well…not really all night…it’s actually from 1.40am till 5….and the charges was ¥16000/+ …dats for 5 of us so its about 3000yen per person. Then because I have a membership card, we were given the chance to lucky-draw, if we got it, the bills would be on the house….the cashier was telling us its only 3% chance to get the lucky draw when a friend of mine drew out a red ball from the spinning case…. We were all as clueless as can be when the cashier said, “ok…the bill is on the house!” …..

Blurr? That’s how we felt…the cashier is so unenthusiastic about it..making us hard to believe that it’s real…..then he showed us the 0 yen receipt…haha…lucky us…and it’s a fun night as well…get to know my new friends more … 😉

I love karaoke…and karaoke in Japan is the best! The sound system is great…be a member and you’ll get special discount weekly…there’s free-flow of soft drinks and the snacks are not that expensive either. The room is cosy and the toilet is clean!

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