So it was a really stressful day yesterday….unbelievably stressful with my studies n my life n everything all mixed up is enough to make me loose my mind. So late evening, I went out shopping.

Uniqlo Ebina is where I went. Its considered a cheap-clothing-store here…so I think it’s the safest to shop when I’m depressed ….’xderla bocor sgt purse tu’..hehe…I m quoting a friend of mine. I never heard it before so….anyway….

After spending almost 3 hours in Uniqlo (gasp!! Haha…its not that big…..but if you spend your time trying everything and touching everything… you’ll spend more time and, sadly, money there)…then I went to Starbucks, I had Caramel Steamer n New York Cheesecake….. Its yummy but a really bad combination…I ended up stuffing the cake down…. MUAK tahap gaban…iskhhhh

Then I went home. Back home…. I open all the stuff that I bought and all of it is either pink or black…haha…… n I realized, pink always makes me happy. Sweet-light-cotton-candy pink makes me smile and happy … and as I m looking around my room now, I understand now why my room is covered in pink and black things…. Black cuz it’s simply my favorite color.

I went to bed last night wearing all pink…. And covered myself in my pink futon and slept like a baby. Woke up this morning, seeing all the pinkness brings that I’m-a-happy-girl feeling to me…hehe

So guys, u should really try it out…find one color that makes u happy and just cover yourself in it. Some people find green n blue is calming. Some love red cuz it gives you motivation… yellow or bright orange for energy, white for peace and so on….

Find your colour! NOW



p/s: pink-therapy is actually a counseling help for sexual minorities in UK….they help people who is gay or bisexual or others, should they need a-friend-to-talk-to. You can always GOOGLE it! :p

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