xda idea

obviously i am out of idea and motivation to update my blog…

there are few things that would be interesting enough to blog about;
i) what is your future-plan 10 years ago
me n my 2 seniors are chatting at Lotteria that day and it comprises of several topics including this one….what were we thinking 10 years ago? ( i was only 14! form 2 okeyyyy) :p
ii) reasons to break up with your gf/bf …
THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE! i do need to emphasis on that or else i would be ‘kena pancung’ … this topic came across my mind cuz i was listening to Hitz.fm just now…n there’s a snippet of the morning crew…one of the caller said that he has to break up with his gf cuz of her smelly armpits …well….logically…it has to be her body-odor rite….it totally make-sense to me cuz i cant even stand a person with really awful body-odor for a minute ..let alone spending 6months or more with him. 2 words – body hygiene ! p kalo dah sakit tu….tak dapat nak elak lah owh… 🙁 but that is rare …how about taking shower more often…body scrub….and deodorant! and clean clothes please!
iii) my super-gt video
oh…this is the most upsetting one…. i went to japan super-gt last 2 weeks…..i was so nyanyuk, i left my 8gb memory card (for my camera) at home….so i need to use others memory card instead. back at home, when i tried to replay the video i took….i somehow become choppy and choppy…. i dont know how to describe it … choppy is the perfect word… i dont know whats wrong…it has to be because of the memory card… cuz the only changed variable is the memory card… (changed variable..haha :p) …so no video for you n me! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
thats all peeps!
told u i have no idea n motivation to update my lonely-blog….huhuhu

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