good advice

someone gave me a really good advice the other day. shame on me, that person was two years younger than i am. oh well..age didnt really matters when it comes to maturity. i learned that the hard way.

anyway…she helps me to see things from a 3rd person perspective. all along i’ve been seeing things from my own perspective n his…i tend to 4get that they are people who are also affected with my decision…

all of our posts on fb n twitter n blogs or on any type of media on the internet, actually reflects who we really are. i m known as someone who are overly emotional n attached at times and i bet it is clearly shown through my posts. i just hope my employer wont read this. isk… but then they hired me for who i am and i am trying to be the best as i can be as a person as well as an employee.
i bet all of us know this already but yet we need to be reminded from time to time again. it is so easy to let our feelings control the best of us when expressing ourself online…simply cuz we r alone when we r doing it n thus we feel comfortable expressing anything on our mind (n heart).

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