i m still me

i believed that my past posts are quite heavy
…and someone told me to be more careful with my words…
thank you for the reminder…
i was just speaking my mind n what’s on my mind are actually really heavy…isk…if only u guys can get into my mind n see things from my point of view.

lets talk about something lighter…
i m thinking of getting japanese driving license…
i m still thinking about it n so far all i’ve ever did is casually browsing through website regarding the written-test. that is so me…thinking deep n hard about so many thingsss….
in japan its a True or False question…n we need to at least get 7 right out of 10 questions… its a logical question actually.. e.g It is ok for you to drive after you took a small amount of alcohol or drugs, and did not feel dizzy. True or False? (try jawab!)
…here are some of other questions


its not that hard i guess….i just need to study the road-signs in japan….it can be quite different than what we have back home….
gosh..i really want that license! wish me luck! 😀

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