Breaking up with your partner because of her/his annoying/n such family member

I have a girlfriend who is facing this delicate n complicated matter. Initially, her boyfriend family seems to be very nice and accept her as the way she is. It all changes as they become closer. His mum even said this, ‘memang lah memang takkan ada menantu yang boleh memuaskan hati mak mertua’. This phrase is in my some-things-are-better-left-unsaid list. The mom didn’t tell my friend directly to her (thank god), she found out about this through her own partner. Pity her.

Anyway, my friend’s situation becomes worst by the month. First they accused her being a gold-digger (her boyfriend is not even that rich. Both of them are working and earn a respectable amount of salary). Then they accused her of asking expensive jewelries from him (still under the gold-digger accusation). Then they said she is using him to get what she wants. Recently the family accuses her of being an irresponsible partner, cuz she didn’t prepare his meal, do his laundry, and clean his house and such. OMG… she is not even his wife yet!

She is someone so dear to me and it actually kills me to know that she is in such situation. Why is she still with him? It’s a wonder to me as well.

As someone who is raised in a very tight-family-bond, I feel sorry for the guy. He must be in a very complicated situation. It’s his family and it’s his love. Our family is perfect to us and may be imperfect to others but when it becomes a problem for you to make your own family, it’s complicated. It’s messy. Unless the guy is the one who makes his family believe that the girlfriend is actually a gold-digger and such. We would never know.

What ever it is girlfriend…I wish you all the best. If it is not worth it, then just let it go…. What’s the point of trying to ‘mengajar ketam berjalan lurus’… and never ever ask him to choose between you or his family cuz ‘air dicincang takkan putus’ and family do matters.

3 thoughts on “Breaking up with your partner because of her/his annoying/n such family member

  1. agree 100%..been in such the end, Allah tunjuk yg the bf sebenarnya bermulut jahat dlm kes tue..

  2. argghhhh…. kinda surprise… hehe… nice narrative… but still wondering… is there such a guy in this world???… if so there is… you should help yer fwen… ask her to help her bf to get help… what DRD said is correct… the guy seriously need mental help… seriously serious…. i vote for DRD… that guy is somewhere something very wrong… so do the family of that guy… sigh… pity yer fwen… 🙁

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