My Magic Box

The day before yesterday ( saja jak engkah panjang2… :p) anyway The day before y
esterday, i went to Tokyu Hands at Machida…and bought this magic box… 🙂
lets make this into a box shall we? *wink wink*
1. take it out from its plastic cover.
2. Make it memanjang macam ini.
3. Buat macam itu.
4. Masukkan yang tepi itu ke dalam.

5. Kemaskan semua sisi.
6. Masukkan harta karun anda ke dalam magic-box tadi.
7. Cover elok2 k. SIAP!
Thank You Toffy for helping me to organize my stuff! 😉

p/s: u guys has just wasted few minutes reading this..hehe….

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