this is my raya post

i dont know why but i never really learn from my mistake…i keep on reminding myself that nobody besides my own family deserves sacrificing for…i learned this the hard way but yet i did it again and again…cuz for a while i forget that that person is still the same person who dont deserve me…i have a soft spot in my heart for that person and now i am praying the spot will be gone…soon…after all that person surely knows how to ice-cold-freeze his heart for me sometimes.. its ok…its who u r… and this is me following ur lead to be cold-hearted when it comes to you…

somebody told me that revenge is a mess. oh dear…i m most definitely not looking for a revenge…i m looking for happiness or at least serenity. anybody who knows me, know that i am not a berdendam type of person. i forgive easily and forget far too easily…as long as you know how…benda ni ada baik buruknya… 🙁

i heard somewhere about how our body n mind would sometimes jeopardize our own road to success… it scares me sometimes…i hope this is not me jeopardizing my own life…

and i used to respect you…but u told me in a way or another that u dont deserve my respect… so i dont respect you anymore…its what u want right?! 😉

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