lamak dah sik update blog.

i’ve deactivated my fb…simply cuz i m so sick of the drama on fb…either by others or me myself…ahaha…need to control my emotion more!

my raya was perfect. a mixture of family and true friends…its one of the perfect moment in my life

my friends r either getting engaged, married or divorced(sighhhh)… but its a sign that we r no longer a kid…its a sign that we are all adult and adulthood comes with the responsibility…

fitnah…backstabber and immature/ignorance people…wat more can i say? ignore the ignorants and ur life would be calmer…

sapa yang akan berdiam diri bila d fitnah sila angkat tangan! leh sik kitak org nasihat kit kmk tok spy just ignore sidak penganok tok? 🙁

grey’s anatomy new season premier is on sept 23rd!!! OMG i cant wait! i miss them terribly! uhuhu


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2 thoughts on “igNorANCE

  1. Ok, saya cuba.

    Mereka2 ya kedak rasa gatal lepas digigit nyamuk; mun digaruk nyaman sekejap tapi pasya melarat lukak melecet.

    Mun dibiarkan, perit sekejap nahan ati tapi pasya makin sembuh.

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