‎..for months i was awfully bitter inside when people start to talk about weddings n such..but lately i am damn excited n had butterfly in my stomach thinking bout the wedding..The wedding of Mohd Zacaery Khalik & Siti Khadijah Reduan ..haha..sik taukla knak..p kmk nang tumpang excited..tumpang lok ahh.. :p . So hepi for u guys… Andra Afisham Yusuf&EMmaz XLovezz Akma bila gik? others? cpat2.leh kmk tumpang excited juak!

dats my fb status tonight…
am i crazy for getting so excited for both of them? they were planning their wedding…december wedding and from time to time one of them will post their status regarding the wedding-planning…and whenever i read them…i would smile and ‘fell head-over-heels’ with their excitement…i dont know why….iskk….i guess i am just awfully happy for him, my childhood friend…and her, the girl he chose to spend the rest of his life with..

i am dying to go to this wedding…..i really am…i even make a mental-note to find a reasonably cheap flight-ticket and make sure i am free that week. i badly wanna attend the wedding.

i hope this officially lift the ‘curse’ that has been haunting me for months…yup…dats my confession….for months i feel awfully bitter and upset whenever people talk about their wedding or their friends wedding (wedding pun upset…apatah lagik marriage!)…whenever someone start to talk about it, i wud silently bit my lips and try not to get emotional. its the worse ‘curse’ ever….cuz i love weddings…..i was born to believe in love and to hope for a fantasy-romantic love-life…


yeahhh…i guess so…. it is pathetic when you still hope for fairy and unicorn and charming prince riding his black shining horse and he wud sweep u off ur feet and u will live happily ever after in a far far away land where the birds can sing and there’s rainbow every day… :p (uhhh….diz makes me wanna watch Enchanted all over again)…

watever people…i am picking up the pieces and try to be the happy-cheerful-positive fiela once again…pray for me… 😉

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