1. Most likely (60%) I won’t be going home for raya! GASP! Yeah people…memang mintak ksian ktk org tok… :p


  2. I miss my family.



  3. Inception is one of the most ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’, ‘brilliant’ movie I’ve ever watch… so go ahead and watch it… you’ll be amaze with the physics concept they applied…not to mention the amazing graphic…(mun terms utk describe salah nang sorry la… gue enggak pasti apa terms yg betul)


  4. I miss my friends.



  5. Last weeks I finally use the phrase, “Trus G MANA?” in a real-life conversation…hahaha…. I was talking to my Indonesian friends. They were nice and irritatingly funny…. ‘owh….aku nggak mau ada pisau d rumah, takut nanti aku stress, trus bunuh diri!” hahaha…lawak bangat lo…. :p


  6. I miss my family and friends.


  7. Predator XBEST! Save your money for BIOHAZARD and SALT instead. I mean it.


  8. I miss kuching…its yummy weather and its yummy food and its crazy driver and its sudden heavy rain and its everything.


  9. My weight is now officially at the border line of being overweight. GASP! Hahaha…not so much kan? I am worried actually….low metabolism…low physical activity…dahla makin tua… seriously….i think its just a matter of time before I get ‘over-weight-related-health-issue’….no kidding people… I will try to lose more weight….yoshhhhhh


  10. Bottom line is I am just homesick..haha..but I am grateful to be here…I am lucky to have this chance…I am thankful to everyone who has been supporting me… *keneng-keneng mata*

p/s: in a slightly better mood cuz they finally see me for who I am instead of judging me without actually meeting me in person…

and owh…congrats to my dearest friend yang nampaknya tengah plan nak ‘getting hitched’ soon…I am so happy for both of you…cant wait to meet your girl… smoga bahagia hendaknya…

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