Emo sebab bola

So I never really care about football match before…the one I really enjoy watching is the one where my brothers or dad or cousins or friends played…simply cuz I wanna support my beloved ones.

But last week I fell in love with Marcus Tulio Tanaka over this video;

Then since I m studying in Nihon, I somehow develop this ‘sub loyalty’ toward this land of the rising sun. Nope. I am still a Malaysian and I love Malaysia…but I see Nihon as the country that gives me master degree (soon insya Allah)…and also the place where I grew to become a woman (insya Allah)…

So I decided to support them in WC and watched the match…what’s the harm right?

Wrong….i am an emotional person… during last night match (Nihon vs Paraguay) my heart skip a beat each time they almost shoot a goal and I was so freaking nervous during the penalty kick last night … unluckily they lost the long match …

Whatever…I’ve learned my lesson…I won’t support any team after this. I don’t really enjoy that type of ‘nervousness’ in my life….

p/s: And with this I declare that my love-affair with Marcus Tulio Tanaka is officially over. We are still friends and that’s how it is going to be from now on, Just Friend… :p

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