Kisah budak gemok

When I was a kid, I was so fat that my mum needs to monitor my food intake. Thanks to my mum, I was saved from the obesity. I knew this cuz I read my infant-health card(?) , the red card you get as a baby, where it record all your immunization and docs visit…in mine, there is a detailed description on what I should eat and what I shouldn’t.

I grew up as this chubby kid. I never had a trouble eating…I have no food-allergy and when it comes to food, I am not choosy. (heh…I am not choosy in almost everything…or so I said.) My mum always advice me to eat more moderately…my mum is the greatest…although I need to confess, when I was a kid, there are times when I am upset with my mum cuz she keeps on reminding me to eat less…I was a kid…I didn’t know any better…now that I did…I truly appreciate every advice my mum gave…

In 1997-1998, my family and I went to Cardiff for a year. There, I walk to my school every single day. It’s a long long walk but since the weather was so nice, it’s a pleasant long walk. I wasn’t trying to loose weight at that time. I was having the time of my life. Life is fun. When we return to Kuching, I was surprised to realize how thin I actually am.

Yes! For the 1st time in my life, I am thin.

It lasted for about 6 months to one year. Slowly I accumulate fat ( :p) and slowly I become fat again. It’s a struggle for me. Personally, I never care about it. I am fat, but I like what I’m seeing in the mirror. Though I can’t fit to my sisters’ dress, I get over that soon before I even realize I am upset.

The only thing that bothers me is how much people love to remind me that I am fat! It annoys me so much…but I can just smile politely…but cried tersedu2 in my heart. It is painful when all people can talk about is how fat I am. I guess they tell it to my face cuz I am between chubby—fat-obese….i am not really slim…but I am not obese either. So they think its ok for them to remind me ‘aie…gemok kitak fiela’…’aie…knak kitak makin berisi?’….’aieeeeeeeeee….bla bla bla’… : (

So through my high-school, I struggle to maintain my weight….i always find comfort in food (typical female!)…I can have as many peanuts/nuts and pizza and oily food as I want, and still not having breakouts…. I love chocolate… I love all things sweet and carbs and fatsss…..

Few years ago…I went through a really bad breakup… I gain 10kg within 4-6 months. Before that, I was in my best shape. I am fit and my BMI is normal….till I gain this extra 10kg…for months after that…I still gain weight….till where I am now…

Losing weight is really hard. Especially when u are emotional. It is extra hard when you have no self-control and discipline when it comes to food and exercise.

Now I am going through a really bad patch. I have given up (not completely, but partially)…I have given up junk food and soda drinks especially chocolate, potato chips and coca-cola/cokes…I really am going through hell…I crave for extra sugar every single day…I want that sugar-high…I have replace my extra-food-consumption with fruit….but really! Fruit gives you healthy skin and bla bla bla…but it won’t give you that sugar-high….or at least not for me…hmmm

The ‘moral’ of the story is, I am proud of myself…cuz even in this really horrible time of my life, I am able to at least maintain my weight and not gaining any… :p


p/s: yup….you guys had just wasted few minutes of your life reading this entry….ha ha ha… :p

3 thoughts on “Kisah budak gemok

  1. dolok kamek pun sama! mala kenak komen and criticised! kenak ktk makin berisi or gemok na juak dah ktk! plg best, aiewh besa gik dr mak dah nya lowk, errrrr!! cian ada jak.

    at least ktk makan benda sweet, kmk sik! dr dolok gik, kmk xsuka choc, i rarely eat junk food, n soft still gaining weight =( nasib nektok sik agik!! yeay2x..

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