My ‘tank’ n i

There’s a saying in Japanese that means; each and every one of us has our own size of ‘tank’. Some of us has big ‘tank’…some has small. Then some of us constantly refill our ‘tank’…some just use it up and rarely refill it.

Well the ‘tank’ is actually referring to our self-esteem. Some of us has high self-esteem, some don’t. Some constantly has high self-esteem…some don’t…when they’re up, they’re up…when they’re down, they’re down…get the idea?

I told my close friend about this…know how she describe me and my tank? She said, I have a big tank…and it is easily leaked…but the good thing is, I can quickly repair the leaking and refill the tank….that is really sweet of her…thanks dear…

So…how about ‘you and your tank’?

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