Past Present & Future

Despite all the things that had happened to me lately, I gladly want to announce that for a split second today, I smile from the bottom of my broken heart and tell myself, life is good.

Amazing right?

Well…my life is good.

At 24 years old, I have a permanent job, means I have my own income.

I have my own income, which means I can pay my debts steadily, which is exactly what I am doing now.

I even have some extra to invest for my future.

I am doing my master and luckily being paid for that.

I’m studying in Japan, means not only I am staying at one of the most fun place and most craziest place to shop in the world, but I am also in a lab that is so complete with much needed facilities and unlimited resources…

I can cook and I am learning to bake… I am a good cook…well…at least I love my own cooking…haha

I am learning to knit and my mom and sister had teach me to do cross-stich…I can sew and I am pretty certain I can do anything such as that once I put my mind on it.

Hah…I can do anything as long as I can put my mind on it…

Oh people…life is good…when you feel so down…feel down but don’t do something irreversible… then try as hard as you can to be ok again…

Life is good…it’s just sometimes, or maybe it’s just me, being typical human who mourns over one-unfortunate thing, and forgetting millions of fortunate things that happen to us in the same time…


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