…apa makna sayang?…

“… I’m still in love with her, and to me that means that I want nothing more than for her to be happy in life. I want that more than anything. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for her.”

_nicholas spark_

syg for me means. u never care about how u feel, as long as ur loved one is happy and never wanna see her sad. it’s all about her happiness. it’s all the happy glitters in her eyes that matter the most. even tho she never knew u syg her that much. after all, syg can never been described by words. words are not enough.”

“…-that love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you faces might be.”
_nicholas spark_

2 thoughts on “…apa makna sayang?…

  1. hehe. i'm flattered. alu google indah sepa nicholas sparks. sama indah pemikiran kmk duak.

    kmk lebih kurang gia bah fiela. sbb ya, kmk single all the way. sbb kmk belom nampak sapa2 yg kmk bleh treat mcm ya.

    sik paham sbenarnya pa dimaok pompuan. dah bagus2 dilayan, x appreciate.

    ah, x paham. hehe..ya ceta zaman dinosor la fiela. if u knew my other side of story. kesian ktk dgr kali. hehe. xpalah, dah takdir, what to do. redha jak, n move on jak 🙂

  2. a.aza….kredit ya penting…mun kmk publish buku love quotes, kamek akan masukkan kata2 kitak..hehe

    hmm…ekceli…unfair nak kata camya..masalahnya bukan gender…sbab laki pun macam ya juak….maybe masalahnya dalam diri kita owh? maybe kita ada expectation yg terlalu tinggi dari someone? 😉

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