life oh life

dear blog..

for the last couple of weeks, it has been about me feeling down down down…

oh life is really hard on me…but it is time like this when the angels in my life reappear n appear n give me support n love n advice. i never knew i had so many people cared about me before. n its them, the angel who makes me want to snap-out from this deprression that i feel, s soon s possible before it completely destroyed my life. like my mum said, life is too short to be suffering like this.

i am calm when i m close to god…i am calm most of the time when i m in public..but i wince when i see wedding dresses or anything that has to do with wedding… i cried when i look in the mirror… like christina yang said, me so sad. :p

oh life is giving me lesson the hard way…but i am lucky to be taught this way…

4 thoughts on “life oh life

  1. Dream always will come true when you expect the least =)

    We are still young, there's a long ways to GO ahead of you! So, Calm down Keyh!!

  2. dear nona…ya lah…there's more to life than being in relationship with someone who doesnt appreciate us…

    anne…thanks dear…

    春天來嚕….glad i can help

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