grief maybe a thing we all have in common
but it look different on everyone

it isn’t just death we have to grief
its life
its lost
its change

and when we wonder why it had to suck so much sometimes
has to hurt so bad
the thing we got to try to remember is that it could turn on a dime

that’s how you stay alive
when it hurt so much you can’t breath
that’s how you survive

and remembering that one day
somehow and possibly
it won’t feel this way
it won’t hurt this much

grief comes in its own time for everyone
in its own way

so the best we can do
the best anyone can do
is try for honesty

the really crappy thing
the very worst part of grief
is that you can’t control it

the best we can do is try to let our self feel it when it comes
and let it go when we can

the very worst part is that
the minute you thought you’re over it
it start all over again

and always
every time
it takes your breath away

there are 5 stages of grief
they look different on all of us
but there are always 5

_Grey’s Anatomy S06E01_

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