Almost- Bride

camtok semenanya kisah pengantin sik jd ya….

last saturday, i went to btu. when i was there i met one of my long-distance aunt….btul ka sik term long distance ya eh…adoi…bau bau bacang bah…hehe…
after a while, she asked me my name. so i told her, “fiela”…then she said, “ohhh…kakak kitak lah nok d jepun ya?”

my face drop…deep inside i sensed wat this is about…

noticing my silence, my cousin who is standing next to me quickly said,” nyatoklah nok d jpn ya ci.’. we call our aunts ‘caci’ n our uncle ‘caca’.

her face change and she muttered under her breath,”ohhh kitak lah pengantin sik jadi ya”…

at that moment, i wanna disappear. dont blame me if i refuse to face such situation. but at the same time, it tickles me to realized that i have a new nickname, ‘ pengantin sik jadi’ . :p

anyway…my ‘caci’ quickly come near me and hug me tight…saying comforting words, saying things will be alright…all i have to do is bersabar. then she release me and took both of my hand into hers and look me straight in the eye and say,” jaga maruah diri. jaga maruah mak bapak. semoga selamat semuanya.’
her words carved on my heart…i played it over and over again and i will always play it over and over again.

i shared this story,( in my broken grammar :p ), anyway…i shared this story to remind all of us that families are what matter. some may hurt us, but the rest of them will comfort us at the end of the day.

i was lectured about ‘xperlu malu pasal benda camtok’…by someone….my mum thought me to be strong all my life and such lecture from someone who always thought the worst of me, is very much NOT needed..

my point is, in life, maybe we refuse to be supportive for one reason or another, n in my case, i respect that. i dont expect everyone to come near me and hug me tight or give me the comfort words or such. but in the same time, i do wish that people dont trash-talk me behind my back…or not even in my face…dont trash-talk me….esp if you dont know the details….or even if you do know the detail…just dont trash-talk people…

i am someone who believe in karma so strongly…what goes around comes around….

p/s: dear friends…my wedding that was schedule middle of this year, was postpone to sometime in the future…d hayat lain kali…hahaha….anyway…bg yg dh plan n dah bli tiket ke kch,pdh jak ngn kmk…klak kita plan something… 😉 …and bagi yg antara tauk sik tauk ya, jgn berkecik atie…kmk dlm proses ‘menyeruk’ kengkawan kmk ms kes tok timbul….so kiranya ktk org lom sempat d-seruk…huhu…jomm kita looking forward utk wedding kawan2 kita yg lain pulak…. 😉

6 thoughts on “Almost- Bride

  1. Aiewh, kamek mok komen p sik tauk mok komen pa >_< Just whatever happen, it happen with a reason, maybe somewhere sometimes in your life you'll be grateful for apa-apa yang jadi.. P ada cgek part mek konpius, should i ask or not?? ehe..
    ktk single now or postponed jak?eii, sebok da kamek lok >_< boh manas fiela.. Almost bride but will be a bride in the future bok tol..keyh, cheers..

  2. …tengkiu gilak2 atas support ktk org…kengkadang nak lay on the bathroom floor(kedak izzie bah… :P)….sbb kadang2 ya la kmk rs…p masa lain ya kmk ok…nak bersedih pun sik gna…pluz masalah org lagik besar dr tok… 😉

    nona…..i'm not single…yet… 😛
    xdala…wedding ya d postpone sbb masalah study kmk duak… 🙂

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