yogurt…its a good diet food…it consist of protein so our body needs more energy to process it…read it sumwhere in thw internet

other than that…

i discovered that its a good facial masker…esp if you are having dry skin…i read it somewhere in the internet, to add some honey to it…but i believed that the honey i bought is not a pure honey so i refused to used it on my skin…

anyway the point is, plain yogurt works as well…just spread the chilled yogurt on ur face…and leave it for about 15mins.then wash ur face with warm water and lastly rinse it with cold water… ur skin will feel healthier on the dotttt…

i always clean my face before using any sort of masker….i love using the cold cream…again n again….then the facial wash…only then the masker…and lastly i applied the moisturiser….

healthy skin is the best thing ever… 😉

2 thoughts on “yogurt

  1. mun tak mk tauk honey ya pure ka x,kitak nangga nya di agak semut ka x..mun nya x di agak semut, ya honey pure..honey pure ada cgek glucose (mek x ingat namanya..heee) yang semut x berminat mk makan wpun nya manis..heeee

    anyway, best la petua kitak..pat try tok=D

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