…why is the bedroom so cold?…

1. Lab dah dlm mood new year. They spend the whole day cleaning the lab. Totally cleaning. Disposing unused buffer and stuff.

2. We (my lab members n me) will be having ‘bonenkai’ tomorrow. Bonenkai is this year end party that the japannese do every year…end of the year obviously. :p
I’m pondering whether to go or not. Basically because they will drink and they will drink alot and I feel uncomfortable sitting together with them when they are drinking. Pity me…uhuhu

3. I spend my free time watching grey’s anatomy season 3…after i completed season 2 and will continue with season 4, 5 and 6 after this. Sometimes i feel its really pathetic that i spend my free time this way, but it makes me happy and less lonely…so what the hell….

4. I am baking my very first cake and i am waiting for it to bake. It’s moist chocolate cake.

5. I held my first lunch-get-together last Sunday. I prepared Laksa Sarawak. The kuah is almost perfect but i over-cooked the noodle….isk… i also prepared spaghetti bolognaise…the spaghetti is great…according to me…hehe

6. I feel I am calmer lately. At least calmer than i was two years ago. I feel older as well. But in a good way. 🙂

Till then… happy new year people… 😉

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