Is it fall? Or already winter? But has the summer really end?

My last update was about a month ago…so lets do this CheDet style… 😉

  1. Since I last updated this blog, I’ve been busy with labs, raya, and more labs and now new class.
  2. Went home for raya. Landed on Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang at the strike of midnight on 1st day of raya. It’s not that bad. The day started with me talking with a German-man who spontaneously asked me this, ‘what do you think about Christian?’ ( more on this later…). Then get to Narita Airport by shuttle-bus. Check-in and had a nice flight, one which I get about 6 dozens pack of salted peanut from the nice Cabin-Crew-Capten. I hate the food though. I had beef teriyaki or something. Can’t remember. The night ended with me in my home sweet home with my father and mother and sisters and brothers and kiko whom I love so much.
  3. Raya. Tried to spend most of the time with my family without neglecting my friends. I love my friends as well. We went for a photoshoot at Anggun Bridal Photostudio at Satok. It’s right above the Secret Recipe. Sadly one of us couldn’t make it since his father pass-away the day before. Al-fatihah…ajal sesuatu yang pasti dan mungkin lebih dekat dari yang kita jangkakan.
  4. Settling official matters. Went to JPJ to get my international license. *You will need 2 copy of passport-size picture, 2 copies of your license and mycard and also rm150. First thing you should do when you arrive there is to take your number. Then quickly go to the information counter and ask for a form requesting the international license. Fill in the form quickly but correctly and clean. Then wait for your turn.* I also went to the bank and UNIMAS to settle few other things. May I remind you that maybank is less friendly entertaining your banking-needs if you registered for Maybank2u!
  5. Went back to Tokai. My flight to KLIA delayed from 8.20 am to 9.05am. I was scheduled to arrive at KLIA at 10 am sharp meaning I’ll be on time to catch my flight to Narita at 11 am. *That was before the flight to KLIA disrespectfully delayed. Disrespect is the word because a) at 8 am, the passengers are getting restless since we were supposed to board the aircraft at 7.50am but no announcement was made regarding anything and not a single MAS staff were there for us to consult and b) when we finally board the aircraft at 8.45 am, most of the cabin crew were so not-friendly and all-bothered up and has no patience left. One of them even scolds one of us requesting for their help. Tolonglah. Mun sik mok keja, iboh keja. Salah kamek orang kah flight tok delay? That is so unprofessional! And we had a cold-unfriendly-so unlike MAS hospitality all through the flight.* Nevertheless, I make it to my next flight. But my luggage didn’t. I only receive the luggage the night after that. More than 24 hours after I’ve landed. Thanks to JAL( Japan Airlines), after hundreds of apology and head-bow at the Narita-Airport due to the unexpected event, they sent the bag straight to my doorstep safely the next night. I love JAL more than MAS now. No Offense!
  6. Back at Tokai. So here I am typing this. I’m in my second semester (but haven’t receive a single-cent from my-so-called-scholarship-provider)….hoping for a good semester and another good pointer this semester. 😉

World Peace! (style miss world..).. *wink*wink*

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