Apa kita nak buat masa kita d timpa masalah? D timpa musibah….kita nak menangis je ke?

I was in form 2…during my Pend.Islam class…I was so messed up about something…I am not sure if it’s about my studies or others, but I do remember my Ustazah said that to the whole class after seeing tears dwell up my eyes. After she said that, she look at me deeply…as if she’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I grew up with her words engraved in my memory…but still I do cry each time I am so stressed up about something. The tears are inevitable.

Sorry if I snapped at you during my ‘I’m in a slum dump’ (aha…don’t even sure if that has meanings)…. What I meant was, I am sorry if I snapped at you when I was so down and stressed. Tried not to let the whole thing drag me down…

Dying for a warm comfy feeling…..dying to feel at ease again….

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