Sakura Sakura

Pokok sakura nang kacak. Kacak masa nya tgh blooming….for about one week…pasya kelopak bunga sakura start gugur mcm snow…lepas ya kita akan start nangga green leaves tumbuh….and green leaves ya akan trus tumbuh sampeyla ke summer tok…maknanya masa summer pokok sakura jadi mcm pokok2 lain..hijau jak kalernya…tapi masa nya tgh blooming memang amat cantik…ala2 snow…rasa romantic, harmony, sweet, happy..and sgala rasa positif akan timbul bila nangga pokok sakura..srius… : )

Apa nak d leter kmk malam tok?

Nothing much. My birthday was last week. I am now officially 23 years old. Celebrate it with my sayang. He bought a really sweet strawberry cake for me.

He brought me to this beach…it was really sweet and heart touching. I love this guy and I want to spend the rest of my life with him…(alamak..jiwang pulak… :p )

Climb Mount Fuji also last week. Last weekend actually. Thanks to him, I manage to reach the top. Trust me when I said I cried about 40% of the way.

HaHaHa…it was that bad! But thanks to his amazing patience and support…I manage to reach the top.

…the sunrise…captured at about 5 am from the 8th station (3100m)…

It makes me realize that doing such things with the person you love can only affect your relationship in 2 ways. Either the two of you become stronger together or weaker. Alhamdulillah, I felt like our relationship has strengthened so much lately. : )

Sure there’s bump here and there. Tapi itulah asam garam kehidupan (xmok gna perkataan rumahtangga lok… hehe)…

Ooohhh..I’ve found new tv series! Greek! Its about sorority and fraternity life. Kinda fun. Yurps. Kinda fun. :)

Cappie & Cassey…love them both….but love Cappie more..he’s this fun-loving but real smart guy…just the type of guy you want to have fun with… 😉

…Rebecca, Ashleigh, Cassey…
Love Ashleigh n Cassey…but hate Rebecca… :p

Till then…enjoy this sad sad video clip…

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