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What is the youngest age someone should start blogging?

I was out with my sayang n his friend tonight and we were taking about generation gap and such.

Straight to the point…he mentioned something about student as young as in year 4, 5 writing blog. They were like 10 or 11 years old. Ya Allah…what has the world become?

Worst, they were ‘bitching’ in that blog. At such young age, I don’t think they were supposed to do that. It may seem harmless, but if we think it more thoroughly, it’s an emotional disaster!

Yes, we all go through that phase in life. Phase when we were so childish (because we were just a child) and we fight and argue with our friends, and say ‘sik mok kawan’ or ‘sik mok geng’ or what ever…but that’s it…not written anywhere and anytime we get over our stupid fights, we will be friends again.

When we say unpleasant things about someone else, no matter straight to their face or ‘mengumpat’ about it with others, we will get face expression and reaction from the person we were talking with, and more than often, this makes us come to our senses and become rational again…or at least stop talking because we realize that we are talking about unpleasant things. Unlike when blogging, when bitching in blogs, there were no face expression and we won’t get any reaction from others until we have post the blog…and usually, this is far too late. The damage is done. The emotional-disaster has occur..especially if our ‘victim’ has read our post!

As for the ‘victim’…once she or he reached the blog…once she read the post…she can read it again and again…and if the post is really mean…that is when things become disastrous…either the fight become worse or she become emotionally wreck…she will always remember what she read, far better than what she hear…trust me!….and even if her ‘prey’ wants to make things better after that, it is so much harder! Cuz it’s written down…black and white….its really there…not just said…but written…sure…the post can be deleted…but what if it’s printed out?!

Children didn’t know better! Even adult get into trouble for what they post on their blog! Even adult didn’t know that much! So what make its ok for children as young as 10 or 11 to write their own blog? And worse ‘bitching’ about their friends and teachers…and others in their life? Kid, be a kid! And parents, be a parents…sisters be a be a brother…it’s the responsibility of each and everyone of us…

What has the world become? Why parents let their young ones, their beloved young ones use the internet so freely? The internet can be so much harmful than the real world. Your children can survive on watching tv alone (even that is bad nowadays.. with all the ‘softcore pornography’ and the rude language..and the ‘World On War’ thingy)…let them watch the tv…encourage them to play outside (accompany them to avoid kidnapping…no time? Hire a nanny…that’s the least you can do…no money? Then you should’ve think about that before you had child…shouldn’t you?!)


…and I haven’t even started on children using Friendster! MySpace! And even HANDPHONE! Why on earth does a 10 years old need a handphone?!….i didn’t have mine till I finish my SPM! SPM ehhhhh…….adohhhhhhhhhhhhhh


p/s: yup…my brother has his hp when he was young…isk….thats my mistake…my mistake…I admit…but at least we were watching what he’s doing on the cyberspace…part of me is relieved that he is getting older…but he is still my baby brother… 😉

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