I know…lately I’ve been complaining a lot…and whine even a whole lot more…

Somehow I get into thinking today…and I realize how unthankful I am. Perhaps when there are so many people to thank for, you don’t know where to start and unfortunately later on you just keep on delaying it again and again. :*sigh*

Slowly when things start to fall into its places…I feel like I can finally breathe again…although there is still one more problem that I’m quite hopeless to settle it by myself. Crossing my finger and hope for the best.

I’ve been quite busy this week. There’s lecture almost everyday…thanks to my super-duper-nice-and-helpful-and-brilliant-but-so-humble supervisor. I guess he knows that I have no basic in my research and he’s helping me all he can. Thank you so much. I am so honored to be your student.

The weather is pleasant although there are few days when it is quite windy and chilly but over-all, I’m enjoying it. The flowers are so pretty…there is a roundabout in my university that is covered in beautiful and colorful flowers…and I swear I smile each and every time I walk pass the roundabout. Yes…there’s tulip as well…white, purple, red and yellow…pity I didn’t take any picture…I’m the model…not the person behind the camera… :p

Get so addicted with the song by Katy Perry…thinking of you…haha…someone was not so pleased with this. Not that this song means anything to me dear…although I can relate to it… :p You know how emotional I am…and how involved I am with movies and songs sometimes….I love the way the song was sang…I love the rhyme in the words…and I just love her voice singing that song. Nothing more…I am way too in love with you to be thinking about my unpleasant past. 😉

(I love you dear…I’ve told you right? But I want to tell you over and over and over again…I know you will never get bored… :p )

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