So it’s spring.

It’s slightly warmer and more humid than before. I love spring. I love the colorful flowers. I love the pleasant weather. I love seeing people spending their time with their love ones at the park.

I love the tulips.

I’ve been here for three weeks now. The class has started. I’m expected to be at the lab every week days.

I’m fine.

I’m frustrated that I can’t understand their language. No matter how bad I want to. I feel so bored of unable to converse with my new lab-mates. I’m bored of watching the tv and keep on guessing what exactly they are saying to each other.

But I’m fine and I’m not giving up.

I’m quite lonely…forgive me but I’ve lived with my family for almost all my life (except that one short year when I have to study in Labuan)…now I’m so far from

them and slowly that loneliness find its way into my heart.

But I’m fine and I will be okay.

I miss my friends. I’ve always miss them. Especially those I keep close to my heart. I miss my sisters. I miss my cousin. I miss talking and gossiping and just laugh at silly jokes that we crack.

But I’m fine and I will make new friends.

I will be fine….after all…I love the tulips… 😉

5 thoughts on “So it’s spring.

  1. u have frens around… luahkan if u think dat’ll make u feel better… but at d same time do something to overcome all d challenges… haha sekpa byk loyal readers akan layan krepak ktk kat blog tok ~_^V GAMBATTE KUDASAI NE!!!

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