…us princess…

  1. Say I love you several time a day.. say it sincerely.
  2. Call her just to say, ‘I love you’ .
  3. Hug her four times a day.
  4. Flirt with her…not only when there’s just the two of you, but also in public.
  5. 1 rose a day for seven days will make her happy…much more than when she receives a bouquet of roses once a week.
  6. Take her picture and allows her to take as many picture of you as she please.
  7. When you’re laughing at friends’ joke, look at her at a glance; let her see the twinkle in your eyes whenever you laugh. It will make her feel so happy.
  8. Open the door for her.
  9. Hold the door for her.
  10. Offer to carry her groceries… or anything that she carry in her hand (except her handbag… 😛 )….no matter how light n small it is.
  11. When she said she’s tired, don’t say that you are much more tired than her. Just sympathize at her, nod understandingly or say, ‘what can I do to help you around?’….believe me, she’ll light up and smile and everything will be perfectly fine after that.
  12. If you’re going to be late, call her and let her know. She will be upset but understanding. Don’t leave her waiting. She will be upset and furious.
  13. Buy her chocolate or sweets or any treats that she loves out of the blue…it’s not the price that counts but it’s the act of giving…
  14. Praise her…even in public. It’ll make her feel so special.
  15. Whenever she’s upset with her best friend or her mum or anyone she loves and cares about, don’t take side. If you take her side, she’ll be upset that you didn’t like her best friend or mum. If you take their side, she’ll be upset that you didn’t take her side! So don’t take side.

Girls….us girl….we just love to be pampered and loved. We want to be secured and protected. We prefer quality time over diamond rings. Treat us like a princess sometime and we will treat you like a king.

You take my heart…keep it safe…keep it warm…keep it cosy…keep it happy….and don’t forget…keep it loved…

7 thoughts on “…us princess…

  1. dear dear…if these are for me…thanks for the reminder…if not..thank god… if those are meant for my readings too..sorry lah..i guess i will have to be more guy-er and more sensitive…pity you for having me as someone who is out of your expectation….i guess i will have to try harder to impress the princess

  2. hahaha….mana ada….you bought me chocs…you gave me cards…you send me cd full with songs that we love…. you stay by my side when i’m down…and so many more…its just sumtin i read in the book…and wanna share…mwah…

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