Freezing Hand

There’s nothing much lately. Not going anywhere that much….limited budget..heh heh…after all I came here mainly to sit for the entrance exam… 😉

Weirdly…the weather is getting colder and colder each day…and today, for the first time since I came, it’s raining. I said it’s weird cause I thought the weather should slightly be less colder since its entering spring….but I’m wrong. I’m not sure if this is normal or it’s because of the global warming. We all know the weather worldwide has changed dramatically lately…blame it on us…

I have another one week to go before coming back to Malaysia. Honestly, I don’t know what to feel. Back home, there are just so much to do…another level of the preparation and I have such a limited time to do so.

Even now I don’t know what to feel. I’m looking forward to further my study. In the same time I can’t help but feeling a bit worried about the fact that I’m doing research in quite a new field for me. Luckily I have that ability to fake my self-confident till I actually gain a real one. :p (it helps people. Self-confident is the biggest key of our success and if you can’t find any in yourself, fake it. And before you know it, your true self-confident will resurface. 😀 )

Hve a pleasant day friends…don’t let anything to ruin your day today…not a single thing! 😀

4 thoughts on “Freezing Hand

  1. bena ya Fila.. fake it till u make it.. haha.. anyways, tho kita pernah blaja molecular systematics, kmk still rs mcm bidang tok relatively new.. mesti ada hands- on experience bok la dpt familiarize dirik ngan bidang2 baru tok..anyways, wishing u all the best la.. wah, dpt merasa blaja di negara org.. kmk tok stay put jak la di home sweet home.. lom bsedia mok spread my wings and pergi negara orang.. haha.. maka dah 24 kmk tok.. terok da jak.. haha..

  2. heh heh…..sekpa frankie….cukup masa merantau la kitak…..knak sik jadi tutor jak? kitak da ciri2 seorang pendidik bah…heh heh…seriously speaking la frank…nang bna…rasa cam sik tauk apa2 jak tok…lom masuk lab gik kmk tok. nang knak blaja balit smua…huhu

  3. haha.. mun la ada kekosongan tutor ng dah lamak kmk apply eh.. di Unimas sikda gik tutor k plants bah.. sedih jak la nyawa.. kat uni lain sikda, nok ada pun nok private uni nok anytime boleh bungkus.. haha.. nektok tutor pun mok masters eh.. lgpun kmk sikda perasaan mok keja gik.. hehe..bsedia jak la ktk utk apa2 possibilities yg mendatang.. i heard if further masters kat Japan, thesis pun mst ditulis in Japanese ka? bena ka fakta ya, kah ya auta? haha.. mun sik tpaksa la ktk blaja Japanese..

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