…my bedtime story,,,

My mind is so crowded right now. I can’t sleep, can’t study, can’t do anything. Keeps on pushing myself to study and I know one’s mad at me…but what can I do? I can’t study under this situation. Incomprehensive?

Life should be great. Should be great? Should be? Hahaha… Doesn’t mean that it will be stress free right?

Even a child has her own worries. She worries that the monster under her bed comes out and eats her when she’s sleeping. She is so worried that she can’t sleep that night. Then along come daddy, comforting her and promise to sit by her bed all night. Secured, she feels warm inside and she goes to her utopia…

I wish I’m her. I wish my case is as simple as hers. Sleeping always been a problem to me. Either I fall asleep too easily or I can’t sleep at all. I tend to force myself to sleep when I’m under pressure. I will doze off for a couple of hours and then lay awake for the rest of the night. Coffee has no effect with my sleepiness. Let it be a mug or a teapot of coffee, I will fall asleep if I want to. Only a mind full with worries and trouble and anxiety can keeps me awake all night.

I can’t sleep well in bright lighted room. I’ll wake up at the slightest sound. It’s hard to go back to sleep once something or someone wakes me up…

Not mentioning how much I hate the light once I’m in the dim-lighted room for sometime. If I have my own house, I guess it will be lighted with dim lights. The bright white light will only be used under certain circumstances.

I should go back to studying. Before one checks on me again… : (

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