Mood Swing swing Swingggg

People close to me knows what a moody person I am.

People not so close to me at heart, but close to me physically will see me as someone cheerful or just calm n friendly(erk?) well…I used to be friendly when suddenly I become bored being so warm and nice to every people I met and later on being back-stabbed by them. Hurms….

Am I a pretender? Hahaha….I just think it’s unwise to be moody around people who don’t even know your last name.

Guys love to say that girls’ mood-swing is because of their imbalance hormones. Hahaha.

Guess what, saying such things to not-in-the-mood girl will only make things worse. Best thing to do is to stay by her side silently. But answer her calmly when she asked question. Don’t bother to do anything sweet unless you are absolutely sure it will make her smile. Or you will end up making her sulking even more. It’s hard to be girls, but it’s even harder to be a guy when with a girl (especially someone you want ‘impress’) 😛

When a girl is unbelievably moody, it doesn’t necessarily means that it is that time of the month. Guys have their mood-swing as well (don’t deny it guys!). Only that most guys know how to handle theirs better and decide to keep it inside them.

Kesimpulannya? Haha… I ‘m just sharing how to handle a girl when she’s so mean to you when she is usually sweet as sugar.

Have a nice day people! 😀

One thought on “Mood Swing swing Swingggg

  1. LOLYeah boys have mood swings too. But rarely show it. Often their outside demeanour doesn’t change a bit.Actually boys’ tendency to compartmentalize their emotions means they need more attention, support and care than girls. LOL

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