Girls talk…boys don’t.

Read my title again and again and keep it in your mind and refresh it again and again. It’s a fact that you have to accept!

I read somewhere that when guy has problem or is stressed about something; he’ll sit silently and think. Guys don’t talk about their problem unless they really need help or just a piece of advice. Most of the time they will only seek advice from someone who is wiser than them, or someone they believe is better than them in handling such problem they are facing (that’s wiser right? hmmm…..melewah)…

Guys don’t go around and start sharing problems with the next person they met. Only girls do that.

Girls talk and talk and talk when they are so stressed up. They talk about the problem they are facing now, the one they faced yesterday and the one they might face tomorrow. That’s true. Sometime, a really messed up girl can end up talking about 10 problems within ten minutes. Hah…that’s a record, one minute for one problem. Haha.

Girls talk about their problem to feel better. The listener doesn’t have to give her solution. Her listener just needs to give her undivided attention and sympathy. That’s all she needs to feel better. Giving her solution, (unless she asked for it) will only make her more upset. All her listener has to do is listen intently, give her understanding nod, give her that sympathetic look, have that concern in their eyes. Body language is a crucial thing here.

Guys talk about their problem only to seek solution from his listener.

Complete opposite there. Just accept this difference it can help you a lot.

Just sharing! Mwah friends! 😀


p/s: I read it in Woman from Venus, Man from Mars… helps me a lot…should help you too… 😉

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