There are two things (apart from other bigger things) that keep on bothering my mind today. One is body-weight. And the other is trust.


Ironically, someone text me today and asked me how can I trust a guy. Literally, I am known as a girlfriend who trusts her boyfriend enough to let him went out with his girl-friends.


I didn’t snoop around my boyfriend’s email inbox or check his hand-phone for any suspicious text-message. If I heard any rumors, I ask him, after rationalize myself. ( Well, if the rumors is too big for me to handle and its from a reliable sources and true enough to be called ‘news’ or ‘facts’, I don’t give myself a chance to rationalize. Huhu)


The thing is, when we love someone, and we decide to have a relationship with him, we should also consider this. Do we trust him? In my opinion, if we don’t trust that guy (and refuse to trust him), but yet we decide to start a relationship with him, we might be creating pain for both of us. Its either we start to trust him as much as we love him, or just walk-away.


However, if we are destined to fall in love (and completely trust) with a complete liar, then we just have to accept our destiny. When the truth is out, make a wise decision. Either you stay and accept his lies, or walk-away for a better chance in life.


Till then….. ‘Love honestly’…


p/s: I walked-away… 😛

5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. yeah…seems that my decision on breaking-off was one of the best way for the relationship..i had this one situation where my ex checking my friendster inbox and attack my boy friend (just a friend) without asking me first…he’d also checked my handphone and took my friends’ number at my back…I’ve tried to get back my trust ion him but he still doesn’t trust me..I have no choice but ended the relationship even though my family loves him very much..What to do, if there’s no trust to your partner..huk huk huk…and now… i feel very happy woth my life…[just sharing what i feel]

  2. true mai…kadang2 rasa susah sangat nak end relationship yg kita really cherish…and letting it go is even harder….but when we did….its very rewarding….stiap org ader jodohnyer… 😀

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