Plain bored

I’m just plain bored. Woke up around 5.30 today…surf the internet…mostly fb and Friendster….getting reply msg from my friends always makes me smile and laugh. I guess that’s why I am so addicted to facebook (and Friendster). It keeps me ‘alive’ since I rarely spend my time with my friends in this reality world.


Recently in the news there’s a girl who has been ‘dianiaya’ (ahahaha…couldn’t find the words in b.i)….anyway.. as far as I’m concern, the ‘penganiaya’ did that on Friendster. This warns me about the reality of our cyber world. When most of us are so excited to upload our pictures and personal detail to Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Myspace and such, keep in mind that there are people who are sick enough to misuse all of this… especially our pictures and personal details.


Want some real life example? Hahaha…this happens to my sister few years back. Somebody create a Friendster account and use my sister photo. She claims that she is the girl in that picture. So pathetic. As furious as my sister as, I think she should be proud to know that there are people out there want to be just like her! Hahaha…just kidding….this is a serious matter… ( 😛 )


What ever it is, just be careful. Don’t fall into any type of fraud so easily. Especially those who asked you to bank-in few thousand ringgit so you can win few thousand more. To me it’s absurd! (Mintak jauh…..)


Hmmm….world peace! ;D

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