Shrek & Fiona

Last night ….on the first night of 2009…for the very first time in my life…I dreamt I have a baby. It’s a girl..chubby, fair with dark brown curly hair. I love her so much and whenever I remember that dream, I hunger for the warm feeling that I feel in that dream. Yup. I truly love that child and loving her gives me a warm cosy feeling like a blanket wrapping my life.

Heh…it’s just a dream. Don’t worry. I’m not in a desperate need of having a baby…yet… 😛

I guess I get that dream because I watch Shrek III yesterday. The one when he has 3 babies in the end. Shrek’s babies are so adorable. They are just so unbelievably adorable and irresistible. Hmmm.

I love the way Shrek look at Fiona (I know its all computer generated!)…but the way he looks at her….so warmly full with love. I remember once someone sees me that way. Such things can warm your heart and makes you feel so loved and you’ll be smiling so happily ever after. (hehe…just love dat words…happily ever after).

Lets go to far far away people…away from this madness…

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