In my life, in the past, whenever I’m about to make big decisions, I always turn to the person I trust and love the most. Whenever they seem disapprove of the decision that I’m about to make, I will change my mind instead. I believe they know better for me and for that, I trust their judgments and believe them till I let them to decide for me.

But for the past few years, I’ve come to realization that they too don’t have all the answer to my questions. They too don’t absolutely sure of what is the best for me. There are times when I think back and figure out that my decision was better than theirs but since I chose to listen to them instead, there’s no need to regret. I’ve come to my realization that, only god is perfect and my love ones are only humans. It’s ok to listen to myself once in a while and it’s ok to politely say no to them once in a while. It’s ok for them to be upset for a while if I don’t follow their decision, because if they really love me, they won’t judge me based on my decision.

I am a person who believes that the best lesson learnt is the one we learn from making mistake or at least the one we can learn from others. I also believe that in life, we need to take risk because if we don’t, then it is harder for us to succeed.

I’ve relied so much on others and it influences my decision making. It’s time for me to wake up and decide for myself. Others can advice and I will take their advice with open heart and mind. By saying no to them doesn’t mean I’ve stop loving them, but it means I want to make the best and the best for me is the best for them as well. I do pray that they trust me and if I do make mistake then I do hope they will forgive me and accept it as part of my learning process.

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